Do You Agree?? “Obasanjo Brought Corruption In Nigeria” – Orji Kalu

Do You Agree?? “Obasanjo Brought Corruption In Nigeria” – Orji Kalu

As per him , “I saw a man , called Olusegun Obasanjo assaulting Mr. President. Obasanjo was a President who brought corruption in Nigeria. 

“Obasanjo is a man , who told everyone that he never needed third term , at the same time , he needed third term. My concern with him was his third term motivation , my concern with him was that he (Obasanjo) called me and previous Speaker , Ghali Umar N’Abba that we should change the constituent bill.

“I flagged N’Abba in his room and I stated , N’Abba , we can’t do this. Obasanjo swung himself to be a tyrant. How might you look at Obasanjo and Buhari together. Is there any examination? No. Mr. President had no correlation.

“Buhari need the legal executive to be genuinely free. The judges in Abia have disclosed to me that they are getting their pay rates straightforwardly from the central government.

“You have seen our streets , since I left as Abia representative , take a gander at our streets , we have never had any new street. When they go to Abuja , they will tell Mr. President a wide range of falsehoods , that Abia isn’t APC.

“February 16 presidential decision is around the bend. The prominence of the gathering (APC) will be tried in this dirt (Abia). Abians are prepared. We are going to give him 70 percent votes from this Abia State , to the magnificence of God”.

Kalu , be that as it may , campaigned all out help for the APC gubernatorial hopeful in Abia , Uchechukwu Ogah , in the imminent governorship decision in the state.

He stated , “Uche Ogah had been attempted and tried. He is originating from the private segment the manner in which I came. I have certainty that he will convey profits of majority rules system to the Abia individuals whenever chose as representative”.

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