Emeka Ojukwu Was A Failed Hero – El-Rufai’s Son Says

Emeka Ojukwu Was A Failed Hero – El-Rufai’s Son Says

Bashir , son of Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State , says the leader of the defunct Biafran Republic , Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu , was a failing hero. Bashir aforesaid this during a Twitter post whereas reacting to a comment by one in all his followers.

The governor’s son had aforesaid Enugu State was the country of Ojukwu rather than Nnewi in Anambra State.

However , once his error was delivered to his notice , instead of apologising , Bashir aforesaid , “Knowing your failing hero’s country that plunged misguided idiots into a war and ran away isn’t my concern. you are doing your analysis and ascertain his town.

“I might care less for the person. And he can forever stay a dent in our history.” once the follower reacted by expression Ojukwu would stay bigger than Governor el-Rufai , UN agency kneels right down to greet the President et al , Bashir aforesaid Ojukwu was a fearful man UN agency ran away once the Nigerian forces were closing in on him.

He added , “Don’t cry please. Your hero was a failure that ran away once he saw close at hand defeat. Get out of here.” The governor ,

like his son , isn’t new conflict.

El-Rufai last week aforesaid over sixty per cent of Christians in Southern Kaduna wouldn’t vote for him and this was one in all the explanations he determined to select a Muslim campaigner.

He additionally created a mockery of a photograph of President Goodluck dessert apple motion right down to pray on a pilgrim’s journey in Jerusalem in 2013.

The governor has additionally been criticised over and over by the Christian Association of Federal Republic of Nigeria , particularly once he created some remarks regarding Saviour , that several found appalling in Jan 2013.

The satiric post , that several Nigerians , particularly Christians , took offence at , was directed at defensive a former Education minister , Mrs Oby Ezekwesili , and assaultive the Minister of knowledge , Labaran Maku; Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs Dr Doyin Okupe; and Presidential authority on Media and packaging , Dr Reuben Abati.

He wrote , “If Redeemer criticises Jonathan’s government , Maku , Abati or Okupe can say that he slept with saint.”

He later apologised for the comment.

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