Falz Speaks On His Journey & If He Has A Girlfriend

Falz Speaks On His Journey & If He Has A Girlfriend

Nigerian rapper , Falz in a recent interview gave insight on his journey to stardom and love life.

The rapper said although he had started making music since 2009 , he did not find his big break until 2015. Falz , who recently released his ‘Moral Instruction’ album , said it was “quite tough” to break into the music industry.

“I don’t even think it was one song. I think it was a period of time with quite a few things going on around that time , ” he said during a sit-down with Teni on Flytime Promotion’s ‘The Journey’.

“It was quite tough , it’s never easy. I’ve been pushing music since 2009.

“Not until maybe like 2015 (before the big break). At the same time I was in the university. I finished in 2010. It was a period of time when I began to showcase rascality on the internet.


“At that time , the song that was popular for me was ‘Marry Me’ featuring Yemi Alade and Poe. At the same time , I was becoming a well known rascal on the internet. That attracted a lot of people to me.”

Speaking about his relationship status , Falz said he has not had a girlfriend for a long time. The entertainer also said he does not actively entertain thoughts of marriage.

“I don’t really think about marriage like that but I have liked girls , ” he said.

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