“Nollywood Is A Worst Place To Have Female Friends” – Nollywood Actress Reveals

“Nollywood Is A Worst Place To Have Female Friends” – Nollywood Actress Reveals
On-screen character , Nazo Ekezie has expressed that Nollywood motion picture industry is one of the most exceedingly awful places to have female companions. 

As per her , the adoration showed in the business isn’t certified.

She brought up out in a meeting:- 

“Ladies don’t care for one another. Kindly statement me , Nollywood is one of the most noticeably bad places to have female friends.Because most female on-screen characters see certified compliments as something different. The most noticeably awful are the individuals who are improving the situation and generously compensated , supports and all , with the distinction , yet despite everything they say refuse regarding different performing artist in the business” .
“Each fight I have looked in Nollywood is encompassed around ladies. It’s that terrible. They accept once they have made it , no one else should.These huge performing artists (the A-List). They are frightening. Truly. You would be in your corner ,

supposing they are altogether made and won’t pressure it once more. In any case , they are the ones that are increasingly envious. Indeed , even on set”.
Nazo Ekezie likewise utilized the chance to talk on her most loved characteristics in a man.
“I have dependably paid special mind to somebody who distinction doesn’t allure or influence. One wouldn’t think of it as an issue. I need somebody who might be sufficiently persistent to know me and not take a gander at me from the film edge. I would love somebody who considers me to be Nazo and not an on-screen character all the time.Well , I’m not a physical look sort of individual but rather then you won’t look like disguise however”.

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