Over 80% Of Nigerian Artistes Are Internet Fraudsters, Industry Insider Reports – Do You Agree?

Over 80% Of Nigerian Artistes Are Internet Fraudsters , <a href= Industry Insider Reports – Do You Agree?” border=”0″ data-original-height=”525″ data-original-width=”699″ height=”480″ src=”https://47xclusive.com.ng/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ART-1.jpg” title=”” width=”640″ />

Internet fraud , alternatively known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ , in the local climes of Nigeria , has become more prevalent in recent times , due to the unending economic retardation being experienced by the country and its citizens , alike.

“The music industry in its entirety , is a highly competitive one , which requires millions of Naira to attain stability in.

Such cumbersome funding can be gotten by signing a record deal , taking a bank loan , which usually requires collateral , or getting sponsorship from friends and family.

As a rising artiste , finding chances like this is herculean , and Cyber Crime seems like the nearest resort.”

– A music industry insider (name withheld) , disclosed in a recent interview session.

She added:

“Many major celebrities who used to be top tier , are guilty of this crime also , as the music industry in Nigeria isn’t structured in such a way that artistes can’t earn much from royalties or new ‘lukewarm’ releases ,

Only internationally established artistes earn reasonable amounts , from digital sales , Merch sales , meet and greet sessions etc.

These old heads have hard times coping with the fame they garnered with previous hits , and keeping up with the celebrity lifestyle of wearing recent designer outfits , buying expensive drinks in clubs , cruising around in flashy cars , rolling with beautiful model-like women , giving fans money in public and so on.

When asked , for an estimated percentage of artistes currently involved in internet fraud ,

She replied;

“It is really large , about 70-80% , if not more , some artistes who might or might not be directly engaging in the crime , have publicly encouraged it , either in songs or interviews ,

Most artistes who know nothing about it are being funded by labels run by fraudsters , or labels that seek financial aid from fraudsters.

There are rumors that claim Wizkid’s career was supported by a popular Yahoo boy living in Surulere at the initial stage , I am not sure about the certainty of this.

Veteran rapper , MI once thanked these criminals for supporting music labels in 2017 , saying “without Yahoo boys , the music industry would be dead”.

This indirectly supports the crime , and also gassed the up and coming scammers to indulge deeper ,

Runtown once used a popular Yahoo boy phrase in a song ‘unleash’ , saying “na spoil we spoil , we no dey thief” , though this doesn’t mean he’s supporting or engaging , it only leaves hints.

It’s surprising how Runtown could buy a G-wagon and a Lamborghini Gallardo , when his hit single ‘Mad Over You’ was still fresh and hadn’t generated enough revenue , for such purchases , unless he has other businesses.

9ice , released a song , ‘Living Things’ , which promoted internet fraud , he was once questioned by a TV presenter , about the meaning of the song , but he dodged the bullets , cunningly.

The YBNL boys , show no effort to conceal their illegal acts , judging from the full meaning of the label’s name , to their recent releases , which supports a secondary part of internet fraud , called G+ or Yahoo+ , which involves usage of rituals (including blood , possibly human) to fasten their wealth acquisition process.

Phyno has hinted his support for the cause severally , but he does it in such a way , that only those who are part of the act , know what he’s saying.

What do you think the “G” in Kizz Daniel’s former label’s name stands for?”

*laughs and nods head*

“Most of these hints and signs are glaring but people hardly notice ,

If only the economy would improve , by entrepreneurial activities or government intervention , we’d have less Scammers both in the industry and the country , entirely.”

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