The Relationship Between Bobrisky And Tonto Dikeh Exposed!

The Relationship Between Bobrisky And Tonto Dikeh Exposed!

Bobrisky points fingers at Tonto Dikeh as his BFF , while describing the actress as the type of best friend characterized by trust , and permanence.

Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh are usually in close contact and have shared experiences , such as attending parties , hanging out at each other’s residence.

Bobrisky whose real name is Idris Okunneye made this statement on his Instagram page.

He started by addressing his haters and telling them that , although he might be an interesting person to chill out with , he did not tolerate anyone poking his/her nose into his business.

The effeminate also added that he w as keen on struggling hard so that he would not need to beg from people around him. He did not ,

in fact , like to be a liability at all.

It was during the course of saying these that Bobrisky mentioned that he only had two true friends – Tonto Dikeh and a lady named Bimpe. According to him , the rest of his acquaintances were regular friends.

Read his words below:

“Let me tell u little thing about me. I’m Bobrisky the QUEEN of all slayer . I’m interesting to chill with because I will make u laugh out your sorrows.

“I mind my business a lot.. I don’t follow people because people are following them. I don’t care wat u do with your life in as much u are not disturbing me. I might look so Beautiful or handsome which ever one u all choose.

“But I’m crazy asf , I’m also shameless because I give zero f**k wat people say about me. If u look for my trouble I will give it to u hard. I’m not scared to fights anyone. I don’t mind if the fight lead to death when I start with u.

“That is why I’m not following any random celebrity here cos we all worth to be celebrated if we work hard. I don’t keep friends cos I hate them. My only friend is @tontolet and bimpe.

“Others are just regular friends we see once in a while and we are cool like that. You all know one thing is I don’t look for trouble and I don’t have time to throw shades to anyone. I love money so much.

“I keep my hustle very tight because I don’t want to beg from any… If you beg them now they would go behind you to laugh at u that is y I keep pushing my hustle. Some animal will still hate under dis post. I just employ someone to monitor my comment section. Any stupid comment should be blocked ASAP if u cannot read and scroll pass ��”

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