Big Brother Naija Or Jenifa’s Diary, Which One is your favorite tv show?


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Big Brother Naija Or Jenifa’s Diary , <a href= Which One is your favorite tv show?” border=”0″ data-original-height=”589″ data-original-width=”1003″ height=”374″ src=”” title=”” width=”640″ />

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It is no more news that there are many cleanser musical dramas and unscripted television demonstrates which has picked up consideration of fans in and out the nation. 

Numerous admirers of these TV shows would prefer to set aside all what they are doing pending the time they are viewing the TV. A major instances of these shows incorporate Jenifa’s Diary and Big brother Nigeria also called BBN.

In spite of the fact that BBN is an intermittent TV show which is booked for some specific time while Jenifa’s Diary is a sensational show which comes in scenes by the expert performer , Funke Akindele.

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Of late , consideration of Nigerians have been attracted to the current Big sibling appear and curiously for the coordinators , the show is the present focal point of perfection for practically all TV show darlings.

Jenifa’s Diary then again is a standout amongst the most stunning things that has ever happened to Nollywood , the honor winning satire motion picture arrangement is a mix of interesting characters which has got a huge number of individuals excited and in this manner picked up a great deal of fans.

Be that as it may , of course , both TV indicates have their very own pundits , individuals who have zero resilience for their sight on their TV screens. Some named Jenifa’s Diary as an exercise in futility with no strong exercise picked up while numerous individuals have denounced Big brother Naija as another unethical behavior that is advancing toward our family unit because of some unlawful demonstrations that do happen while the program is on.

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Anyway , with or without commentators , the straightforward truth is the two has enough fans all through the nation and the fans are not getting worn out at any point in the near future.

This question goes to all , on the off chance that you are to observe Big Brother Naija Or Jenifa’s Diary in the meantime , Which One is your favorite tv show? 

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