Fuji Artistes vs Hip Hop Artistes – Who Do You Think Earn More Money?


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Fuji Artistes vs Hip Hop Artistes – Who Do You Think Earn More Money?

Hi Guys ,

How’s the weekend going at your different area! I trust you folks , no dulling minutes.

For me , my Sunday isn’t so dope as the folks in my hood argueed on Who Is Earn More Between Fuji versus Hip-Hop Artistes

I never needed to share in such contention as it doesn’t encourage my IQ yet they hauled me in light of the fact that am a Blogger and underneath are the focuses I diagram for them.

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For Me – Fuji Artistes acquire more and below are my focuses.

Fuji performers have such a great amount of possibilities to procure more than Hip Hop artistes , yet on the off chance that despite everything you have an uncertainty on this , Take a chill and gives up on a short visit.

How about we go..

1. Fuji Artistes Hardly Do Free Shows

A Hip-Hop artistes can show up in around 5 to 10 appears without getting paid for a solitary appearance. All he/she gets is a unimportant acknowledgment/yell out for appearance as they see most shows as a change to develop their Fan base.

A Fuji artiste would scarcely go with the expectation of complimentary shows and on the off chance that they do , People get the opportunity to shower them Money for hailing them as they move to their melody.

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2. Fuji Artistes Get More Shows

(Their Weekends Are Always Booked)…

A Fuji artiste is anything but difficult to access than a hip jump artiste , so is their show appointments.

They can get 6 to 10 shows to go to from Friday , Saturdays , to Sunday , and can get the opportunity to perform in shows amid week days now and then like a Naming function occasion.

Hip-jump Artiste are for the most part involved amid December and perhaps when enormous brands got a few shows else they all need to hold up till year’s end. This isn’t so for Fuji Artiste as individuals must do Wedding , Naming , Burial and so forth

3. Fuji Artistes Get Sprayed Millions On Stage

I truly don’t realize how individuals easily bring a large number of Naira ,

Dollars and Pounds to party just to splash Musicians

I host been to innumerable number of Gatherings in Lagos , Ogun , Ibadan , Abuja and some South-west states and the measure of Money splashed to Fuji Artistes is mind blowing.

Nowadays , Wasiu Ayinde never again acknowledge Naira note splashed at him , on the off chance that you can’t do dollars or pounds , you are not greet.

A rich uncle of mine had his late mum’s entombment in 2017 , Wasiu Ayinde was reserved for 6 Million Naira to come perform at the gathering. On the d day , my uncle’s companions who are stinkly rich splashed Wasiu Ayinde near 55 million naira in front of an audience.

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I only dey there they envision how much this man will make from Buhari , Tinubu , Ambode , Sanwo-olu and different Politicians he’s so close with.

4. Individuals Hardly Invite Hip-hop Artiste To Parties

Nigerians scarcely make sure to book hip jump artistes to appear for their gatherings however that is one essential thing Fuji artiste gain a living from and are outstanding for.

A Fuji artiste on a similar dimension with hip bounce artiste will dependably get 10 to multiple times the aggregate sum of demonstrates a hip jump artiste will get in a year.

5. Fuji Artiste Are More Influential and Know More People

Fuji artistes have the better possibilities of meeting and knowing unquestionably more powerful individuals than hip jump artistes as their substance are all the more speaking to more seasoned individuals contrast with Youths who love hip-bounce.

For instance » Wasiu Ayinde definitely has More Influential contacts than the mix of 2face and D’banj joined.

Tune in to any of these Fuji Artistes melodies and you see them hailing individuals from US , UK , Germany , Spain , Holland , Australia and so on – These individuals know individual abeg.

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So Guys

With these my featured focuses ,

Between Fuji Artistes And Hip Hop Artistes , Who Do You Think Earn More Money?
Lets know your view and learn from you..

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