I am Getting Marriage Proposals Online – Instagram Comedian, Omo Ibadan, Reveals


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I am Getting Marriage Proposals Online - Instagram Comedian , <a href= Omo Ibadan , Reveals” border=”0″ data-original-height=”640″ data-original-width=”640″ height=”400″ src=”https://47xclusive.com.ng/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/6797133_4eed9c82ed21a211fcd7ea8c2139e69c_jpegb6bc1c149f72115151c575a8e8f5335c.jpg” title=”” width=”400″ />

Well known Instagram comedian , Omo Ibadan has uncovered that she gets a great deal of propositions to be engaged on the web.

in an ongoing talk with punchng.com , Sunday Scoop , Omo Ibadan uncovered that a ton of men reach her web based , asking for her hand in marriage.

“Even before that post , I have been getting many marriage proposals – both serious and unserious ones. However ,

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I want a man that appreciates me as a woman and would always support what I do. The most important thing is that she should love what I do.
I am not really the choosy type; as long as I like you , that’s fine. I also want someone that has a vision. In terms of physical qualities , I really cannot tell. If I say I want a dark-skinned guy (which is actually my preference) and I fall in love with someone who isn’t that way , what do I do?”

The subject of a lady relinquishing her profession for her man , is one that has spellbound media outlets , has some female VIPs have said they can do such.

Omo Ibadan in the meeting uncovered that she can’t forfeit her profession for any man , expressing that she won’t get pulled in to somebody who doesn’t care for what she is doing.

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