I Go Dye Tells INEC Chairman To Resign


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I Go Dye Tells INEC Chairman To Resign

Nigerian cutting edge standup entertainer , Francis Agoda , prevalently known as ‘I Go die’ , has pummeled President Muhammadu Buhari , over the delay of the presidential and National assembly elections. 

I Go die shared a video internet indicating where Buhari was smoldering in outrage in 2015 after elections were postponed by INEC amid Goodluck Jonathan government.

As indicated by the humorist , Buhari’s camp were implying that Jonathan was behind the delay so as to expand his residency as President and to plot his gear technique.

I Go die , in an Instagram post on Saturday , called on INEC Chairman , Mahmood Yakubu , to leave quickly.

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He composed ,  


“I feel this is absolutely unsuitable from a foundation like INEC that had been given 185 billon naira to sort out it’s coordinations before this day.

“Government has the money related ability to hold up under the additional coordinations load that will be brought about from this deferment , however the end result for whatever is left of us?

“Who have arranged marriage ceremonies , parties , funeral programs and other social exercises who have settled a few occasions and events on the new dates , we are currently forced to make new plans , resulting in the loss of time ,

financial load and mental issues.

“Unfortunately for me , I have proposed 23rd February as the trying out date for my task Sort ability chase at Delta State.

“In the wake of spending such a great amount on publicity , venue and other logistics , I am currently forced to change the dates , even the last that was to hang on 27th February will likewise be influenced.

“This is the most abnormal amount of blunder and gross understanding of defilement against the first Nigerians.

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“This is the sort of disappointment softened on Nigerian adolescents once a day , when they are baffled out of organizations in light of power , high costs of products and enterprises because of foreign conversion scale , joblessness that has driven numerous to violations and going for broke through the deserts to look for greener fields in abnormal lands; the negative choices is made by the heartless of Nigerian government , it indicates they don’t generally think about their natives.

“To try and make this circumstance worst , the deferment was done During the evening. So when did they understand that the coordinations included was not satisfactorily arranged for?

“This was the way the Goodluck Jonathan past administration postponed the 2015 presidential elections and we condemned it , we felt that with the change mantra that will be end of such maladministration.

“This is a national shame and purposeful endeavor to criticize us a Country. Amb Francis Agoda.”

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