Why I Left Nigeria For UK At The Peak Of My Career – Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola


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 Why I Left Nigeria For UK At The Peak Of My Career – Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola

Well known performer and maker , Opeyemi Aiyeola , was from the motion picture scene for 10 years after she got hitched. She later continued acting in 2017 , however while addressing Saturday Beats , Aiyeola noticed that a ton of things had changed in the business from the time she left in 2007. 

Underlining that achievement in the business was controlled by abilities back then , she included that climbing the stepping stool of fame presently has been bound with partiality.

“Nollywood used to be an industry of gifts; tragically when I returned , I understood it was never again a lifelong way of capable individuals. It is currently about internet based life. It is increasingly about how much cash an individual needs to spend on exposure and the preferences.

“Such a large number of individuals even get undeserved honors nowadays. Outside the motion picture set , the industry has turned into a universe of pretend. For instance , everyone anticipates that me should do photograph shoots for birthday celebrations and Valentine’s Day and I generally ponder what could be the purpose for that. Also , me , I have obligations and youngsters to cook for , so I can’t be doing all that.

“I have relatives I am in charge of. It is absurdly energizing and disappointing now and then. It relies upon how I handle it , truly , on the off chance that I choose to roll the manner in which they move , it will baffle for me. When I go via web-based networking media , I simply chuckle nowadays.

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There was a period I needed to surrender since it was excessively for me , I couldn’t adapt. Many individuals , who know me , realize I am not stylish.

“There are times I need to go out without cosmetics or wig , yet nowadays , it is insane. There was one morning that I was with an associate and we met this magnificent male fan; he needed to take pictures with us.

My partner declined on the grounds that she didn’t have any cosmetics on , she focused on that the man may label her on the image and she would not like to be seen that way. I snapped a photo with him the manner in which I was.


“Strangely , when he posted the image via web-based networking media , I got a ton of negative remarks in view of the manner in which I looked in the image; it very well may be amazingly baffling. Web based life is a world I don’t comprehend; that is the reason I am in every case calm there.

I have the ability to erase and obstruct any negative remarks; it is that basic. I attempt cognizant endeavors not to open myself to negative news; interestingly , it will leave with time. I left in 2007; I returned completely in 2017. I did bits of work every so often before at that point , ” she revealed to Saturday Beats.

Aiyeola likewise noticed that building a family with her significant other was her need when she got hitched and migrated. She likewise clarified the endeavors she made to guarantee her youngsters comprehended Yoruba culture.

“I moved for conjugal reasons. When I left for the UK; assembling a family together with my better half was my need. I feel there is dependably time for everything; nothing else was more essential to me than my family.

In the wake of bringing up my kids , I thought the time was directly for me to return , so I returned to Nigeria to accomplish more motion pictures. I examined it with my better half and he was in help; I endeavored to get from where I left.

“As a Yoruba lady , I endeavor to talk my dialect to my kids , we cook a greater amount of Nigerian dishes in the house; I don’t generally like outside luxuries. I truly don’t have a most loved dinner , I drink a ton of garri and groundnut consistently; and I think I am even dependent on it , ” she said.

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At the point when gotten some information about the impact marriage had on her profession , she noticed that she left the business when things were showing signs of improvement.

“Marriage greatly affected my profession since I left when things were showing signs of improvement in the business , as far as supports , and the preferences. In my book , there is dependably a cost to pay for everything.

It costs a few people cash and some their vocation; it is about forfeit. Thinking about my age , when I got hitched , doing that and having kids was increasingly vital to me at the time. I won’t kill or pass judgment on anyone for their decisions , it is an individual race.

“In any case , it is vital to wed when the perfect individual comes , not being bound by age. That is the oversight a few people make nowadays; life can be entangled. I encourage youngsters to dependably get hitched when they locate the ideal individual.

Another issue women ought to consider is that a lady’s fruitfulness period is constrained , so in their quest for profession and cash , they ought to dependably be aware of the time of effortlessness they have as respects their richness. It is nature; it isn’t anyone’s blame.

“A few ladies have missed their foreordained time to get hitched and have kids; this may make them make due with less , or spend a ton of cash endeavoring to have kids. A few people would prefer even not to have kids , so it exclusively relies upon people. Everyone has their very own time , ” she said.

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