I Quit My Marriage, 3 Months After I Got Pregnant – Yvonne Jegede


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Weeks without our report well-nigh the so-called crash of actress Yvonne Jegede’s one year old marriage to Olakunle Abounce Fawole aka Abounce , the Nollywood veteran has now opened up well-nigh the crisis.

The actress came wipe in an interview with Pulse , saying she quit the marriage , three months without she got pregnant with her son. We had reported that the issue tangibly stemmed from the paternity of the child.

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“We started having issues surpassing the lineage of Xavier. I think I was well-nigh two to three months pregnant when the issues came. Immediately the issues came , there was never a unrewarding moment , it just kept going up and up and it got worse and it got bad and today here we are , ” Yvonne said.

She widow that when the issues became obvious and irredeemable she moved out of their matrimonial home without a bilateral agreement.

“Right now , we are not living together , and we are not living as husband and wife , we are not husband and wife anymore and I would say a bilateral try-on to go our separate ways. It didn’t work out , it wasn’t working out , ” she noted.

However , the actress revealed that her marriage to Abounce was worth it for the months it lasted. She said the times they shared together as a couple were nice and sweet so she wouldn’t trample on those times.

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