‘Iyanya Slept With Married Women, I Have Photos Of All’ – Ubi Franklin

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The beef among Iyanya and Ubi Franklin is getting messier because the CEO of Made Men Music Group report label claiming that he has the list of all of the married girls Iyanya has slept with.

He disclosed this during an interview with TheNative Magazine

Ubi Franklin additionally pointed out the claims he is at present dealing with of him ‘whipping’ Emma Nyra while she turned into signed to his label and the Non-divulgence know-how they signed that restricts her from talking else she’ll risk paying him 10million naira.

Read the complete interview below:

What Happened With Emma Nyra?

We didn’t agree. You see , Emma Nyra’s situation , I can’t say much about it because I am binded by using settlement now not to mention something about our scenario. I am not going to say something about it. Because if I say anything about it , I actually have a criminal healthy that I’m going to pay 10 million naira. So , I’m now not going to say some thing approximately Emma Nyra. If she does , I’d should gather 10 million due to the fact me and Emma Nyra don’t truly have any trouble. Even whilst she had the twins , we spoke. I even sent her a message. So , we don’t have issues. These troubles are troubles Iyanya is making an attempt to create to hype himself up.

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Tell Me What You Know About What Transpired Between Iyanya And Temple Music?

Yeah , it changed into a one-on-one communication we had at his house. He showed me a heated WhatsApp chat with the proprietor of Temple , them. That’s why I turned into capable of accept as true with he become having troubles with Temple. When he desired to depart Temple , I told him , ‘Don’t depart Temple the manner you left Made Men’. Which is , relieve your self , settle everything and go. I stated , ‘The truth which you need to leave Temple doesn’t mean that you ought to combat them. It might now grow to be regular. It can’t be like it’s the same element you do everywhere you move. People would come and be putting some rubbish matters around it.

People you amassed money from to pay your own home hire whilst your landlady chased you out. They gave you a automobile. You have been stuck in America they paid for you. Have you spoken to Temple? Ask Iyanya if he instructed me that he had troubles with Temple and he had to resolve his contract with N60 million. Ask him if he told me that.

N60 Million , To Exit His Contract?

Yes. And I instructed him I became going to elevate the cash. Before I raised that cash I spoke him. It took me 24 hours or less to elevate that money. When I raised that cash I commenced calling him , he became not selecting up his smartphone so I simply left it. So for me , you spot all this stuff Iyanya is announcing ehn , once I study it I just chuckle. Because I have everything to prove. I actually have the entirety to show. If that is what Iyanya goes to do in any case my difficult paintings. Now , you know what? People could comment and say ‘This Ubi guy , Ubi is like this , Ubi is like that’. You recognise why they’d say that?


All artist managers are hated. You recognise why? We do the dirty activity. So I don’t count on all people to like me. When we go away these artists and cross that’s while you begin seeing who these artists are without delay and also you begin to see who they’re. Please , what did he say about Emma Nyra?

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That You Had Problems In Your Relationship And You Physically Assaulted Her Repeatedly..

Have you requested Iyanya what happened between him and Yvonne Nelson?

Was Iyanya Physically Abusing Yvonne Nelson?

(Laughs) It’s , not my mouth you’d listen that issue from. I promised no longer to say anything or placed Iyanya out.

He Said He Saw You Beating Emma Nyra?


Did He Advise Her To Leave You?

Bro see , Iyanya is a big liar. He has been pronouncing it for decades that he goes to use Emma Nyra towards me. You recognize? I did every work for Emma to make certain. I’m not going to speak approximately Emma Nyra except she talks. We have a agreement binding us not to say whatever. Why didn’t he say on his interview that I beat up Emma Nyra?

He Did Say That…

Bro , I’d suggest you now not to. Because I could placed out all the married women he slept with. Their photos facet by means of facet for me. Bro I don’t need to talk. Because in case you permit me to try this to him , I’d drag him thru the entire of this u . S .. I’m not fearful of poo. What I need approximately this count number is for people to see clarity. If Emma Nyra has issues she could come and say it herself. Emma Nyra is a mom now. I think her attention is unique. And she even wouldn’t need to be worried in all this. I desire Iyanya become a father. If he became a father , most of these things he’s pronouncing he could not do it. When I saved watching his interviews I kept laughing. Bro , don’t let me try this to this to this guy. If you’re writing your story , take out the Emma Nyra scenario because in case you’re writing approximately some thing like that , Emma Nyra needs to talk for herself and with the way I and Emma Nyra are tight , we can not talk about every other. We had our whole troubles and the troubles were settled and I even have a criminal record to lower back it. So for me , depart her out of this and consciousness on some thing else. Write your submit. See , I by no means surely wanted to get to date bro. For the whole lot that takes place , there are two facets to the tale.

Do You Think You Treated Everyone Fairly?

I dealt with everybody fair. I’m not best bro. See , there’s no person even you talking to me proper now that would say they don’t have problems with people. Check the complete leisure enterprise. Am I the first character that an artist is leaving my file label or an artist is having troubles with me? I’m not the first now. When did artists begin leaving report labels? Exactly , permit’s be very diplomatic approximately this thing. Did they say that I had their money , I ate it and I didn’t supply them?

It Was Just About You Not Treating Them Right That They Had Expectations And Those Expectations Were Not Met.

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Okay , what expectations?

A More Hands-On Promotion And Marketing Perhaps?

Can I ask you a query? Iyanya says he turned into a associate and he became making an investment so why are they now not blaming that on Iyanya? Exactly. Why is it that it’s far Ubi they’re blaming it on? Why is it that they may be all coming collectively to combat? Do you understand in which this component goes? You said you are a associate abi? You were investing. So why are they now not preventing you? Is it that you gave me cash to push your tune and I didn’t do it? So you notice the twist? Now , If they are saying that the label isn’t always treating them right who is the label? Ubi , Iyanya. Why are they not preventing Iyanya?

Maybe He Has Done Nothing To Warrant That?

All those humans speaking , how tons did they make me? Chibbz , how a good deal did we make from him? The most effective individual that can communicate and I could respond to the man or woman is most effective Iyanya and Baci. I realize Selebobo would not say whatever to you because for a fact he doesn’t have some thing to say to you.

What Role Did You Play In The Tensions Between Iyanya And Tekno?

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He (Iyanya) says Tekno is impolite and unwell-mannered. The trouble between me and Iyanya that made me and Iyanya split sooner or later was that I hired a motive force for Iyanya. Iyanya and the driver fought and he fired the motive force. And Tekno hired the driver. Tekno become residing on his personal. So sooner or later I now went to meet Iyanya that simply if you come to Nigeria before me , what I simply heard is that Ken your former driving force now works for Tekno. Tekno , on the other hand , said he saw this man on the street , he had a baby at domestic and he determined to hire him. And he asked him what happened between you and Iyanya , and the fellow defined his facet. So he was like allow me simply rent the guy due to the fact the character you understand is better than the character you don’t know. And the guy worked with Tekno for a completely long term.

So Iyanya commenced accusing me , of the use of Tekno to disrespect him. That how could I know that Tekno is set to hire his own driver that he sacked and I allowed that manifest? That’s how he became and stated he desires to leave the record label. Every time problems manifest he says that I am the one not making them , Tekno , to admire him. I’m like bro , Tekno is a man of his own. Everybody , they may be men. And I don’t think any of those men disrespect you , they appreciate you. From Selebobo they appreciate you. They call him “Baba.” They don’t call him by call. Do you recognize? They call him Baba. They don’t call him by means of call. Ask him what occurred among him and Tekno and what occurred between him and the driver Tekno hired? Do you recognize?

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Already , the whole thing he stated is a lie. A lot of the things he said are lies. So , there is a prison report this is going to be sent to him quickly for him to retract the whole thing he has stated due to the fact he’s mendacity. Whatever I tell you I have proof. You see the tale I advised you about those girls? I actually have proof of it and I warned him. I said ‘Listen , I’m going to wreck your career , let it cross’. Do you apprehend? I’m going to allow it move. Now he’s the one going to inform you that I beat up Emma Nyra.

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