Marriage Is Too Stressful For Me And S*x Is A Normal Thing – Curvy Actress, Chilly B Declares

Marriage Is Too Stressful For Me And S*x Is A Normal Thing – Curvy Actress , <a href= Chilly B Declares” border=”0″ data-original-height=”691″ data-original-width=”500″ height=”400″ src=”” title=”” width=”288″ />

According to Potpourri , Nigerian sexuality rapper and actress , Amadi Chinyere Moses , simply known as Chilly B knows a bit well-nigh love to know that many of so-called romantic relationship are nothing but farce.

In a one-on-one session with Potpourri the curvy actress who has a B.Sc stratum in theatre arts from University of Calabar , while speaking on marriage and love held the opinion that most guys who seek romantic relationship with a girl , do so with ulterior motive.

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“The biggest scam is relationship between a girl and a guy. Most guys scam girls into a relationship just to have the girl cheap. Once they are worldly-wise to propagandize you into the notion that you are in a relationship , you uncork to play the game their way. They alimony you with the ‘relationship’ thing while they do other things on the side.

“The idea of the relationship is to alimony you from asking him for money or anything , making you believe there’s something for both of you in the future. It is a big lie considering when he’s washed-up with you he will run away. I have been super lucky not to have been a victim and when I hear girls falling for this trick I just laugh. As for marriage , it is too stressful for me and s*x is a normal thing , ” she said.

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Speaking remoter she shared some of the challenges she has faced in the undertow of her journey in the entertainment space , stressing that only valiance and determination has kept her going.

“The main rencontre in trying to make it in this merchantry is money , pursuing a career without replacement is very frustrating. On this journey , I have met a lot of interesting people , expressly the males , who would welter you with phantom stories and promises. I undeniability them interesting considering listening to some of their stories could be really well-flavored at times. I have seen many of them , either in their offices or wherever and it gives me nothing but hope and strongwill that there’s something largest superiority and that valiance has made me who I am today , ” she said.

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Aside acting , dancing and music , Chilly B moreover runs an NGO for street kids and widows tabbed The Chilly B Foundation for Widows and Street Kids Empowerment. As an actress , she has featured in movies like Estate Runs , Final Runs , Itooro the Housegirl , Itoro the Wise Girl , Kidnapped (produced by her) , Cross Instincts( produced by her) , The Hunted Girl among others.

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