Revealed! Why President Buhari Removed His Chief Security Officer


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Revealed! Why President Buhari Removed His Chief Security Officer

Mr Bashir Abubakar has been removed as President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief Security Officer. Mr Idris Kazeem Ahmed will now act in his place.

According to Punch , Abubakar will be proceeding on strategic undertow at the National Defence University (Fadena) , Buenos Aires , Argentina as a safe-facing measure.

Security source said DSS authorities had directed that the changes should take firsthand effect.

It was remoter learnt that the Administrative Officer of the Presidential Villa , Abubakar Maikano , had moreover been directed to stand in , any time the new CSO is not available.

This is the second time Buhari’s CSO will be replaced since his theorizing of office in May 2015.


His first CSO , Abdulrahman Mani , was removed in July 2015 and was replaced with Abubakar.

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Abubakar was said to have wilt a one-man treacherousness that had wilt too powerful to the detriment of the interest of the Buhari’s Presidency.

Another presidential source said the removed CSO was scrutinizingly sacked but for the intervention of some of the friends of the President

Some powerful people were said to have complained well-nigh his activities.

For example , it was gathered that Abubakar stopped some friends of the President from gaining wangle to him and was moreover said to be rude to the current Director-General of the DSS , Yusuf Bichi.

The source said , “I think he was power-drunk. He unliable the position he occupied to enter his throne and felt that he got the position by promotion. He was rude and plane was responsible for the non-accreditation of some media house at the Villa.

“He talked lanugo on people and plane friends of the President had complained bitterly well-nigh him.

“He had moreover had issues with the current DG of the DSS. So , his cup was full. The undertow is just a face-saving measure.”

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