Terri And Lyta Have To Do This, Or Else They Might Just Flop In 2019 [A Must Read]

Terri And Lyta Have To Do This , <a href= Or Else They Might Just Flop In 2019 [A Must Read]” border=”0″ data-original-height=”550″ data-original-width=”700″ height=”313″ src=”https://47xclusive.com.ng/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Lyta-and-Terri.jpg” title=”” width=”400″ />

Terri and Lyta are among the several newbies that broke into the industry last year and while they are not so exceptionally from Victor AD or T classic.

Their future holds so much relevance and importance since they are signed to some of the two biggest record labels in this country and also are being tutored by arguably the two biggest artistes.

This means everyone places a high regard for them as they have for their two bosses.

However , as these two guys are ready to fully launch their career in 2019. There’s one thing they have to do. And if they don’t , they might end up like the several artistes that flopped before at Starboy and YBNL.

What do they have to do.

Curate meaningful music.

The aim of most artistes in 2019 is to create hit songs of any kind. This means a lot of garbage will be launched into the scene and consumers will continue to get a lot of supply even when they don’t demand for it. But what most artistes don’t realize is hit songs are not made , they are marketed.

And in the midst of all these noise and garbage content lies the meaningful music that stands out.

Even when the BumBum music is passed out to the music populace , the consumers can pick out meaningful music they can relate to , one in which they can vibe to and sing their hearts out to.

Lyta and Terri however have a huge task on their hands. The labels they belong to are the architects of these lewd filled music and “trash music” and since they are new in the game , they don’t really have a say in the creation of the music.

If Lyta and Terri continue with dishing out trash music , they should understand it could blow and go viral , but it would fade out soon.

Lyta‘s Time was a timeless record last year that still baths but what happened to Terri‘s hurriedly curated freestyle , Shuu?

Lyta and Terri , meaningful music will make you last in the industry. The industry has changed and the projections for this year is for meaningful and relevant music to go viral , the reason why Davido’s BumBum music will fade out anytime soon and Falz‘s Moral Instruction album to still bang!

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