The Truth About Hushpuppi’s Luxurious Cars Revealed

The Truth About Hushpuppi’s Luxurious Cars Revealed

Popular Nightlife mogul Cubana Chief Priest has come out to expose flamboyant big boy Hushpuppi , saying he never bought luxury cars he recently flaunted and that they are on rentals.

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Though he claims he does not have any proof , but the Hushpuppi he is familiar with would have posted video of him paying for the car and as well customise the plate number of the car , just as he does any time he makes an expensive purchase.

The Truth About Hushpuppi’s Luxurious Cars Revealed

See his post:

When You Buy Common Luxury Shoes N Cloths You Update Us Very Well With Proper Videos N Pics , Then How Come You Buy Uncommon Luxury Cars Without Updating Us Properly , You Wey We Know Wey Go Drink Champagne Or Even Coffee For The Shop , Give Us Videos When You Pay , Even Snap Receipt For Us ,
Dem No Even Customize Your Name For Your Bentley N Royce Specification !!!! Haba !!!! No Be You Again Hush Puppi When You Come Change , Person Wey Dey Customize Common Shoe No Come Customize Cars Wey Make People Need Prayers E Dey Somehow Na ,  

Ojoro Don Dey Inside , You Go Just Pose For Hotel Lobby Use Two Cars Snap Say Make We Believe , Na Lie � , On How You No Update Us Well As Usual We No Go Gree ,

You Re On The Rental Side Of The People Living In Dubai�� So My Post Was Not In Any Way Related To You Till You Update Us On The Purchase Normally Then My Post Go Reach You ,  

My Post Was For Those Dudes Wey Buy Outrightly No Be Rentals , Na Royce I Dey Use For London , Na Velar N Benz Defender I Dey Use For Scotland Na Rent I Still Rent Dem , I Know The Level No Be We Teach Una For Malay � ,
Well My Company Is Sending Me On A Dubai Trip Soon I Will Instruct Them To Rent Me A Bentayga N A Royce Upon My Arrival , You For No Block Me Sha Before Commenting On InstaBlog E Mean Say You Dey Talk For My Back 

If I Hear � From You Again I Will Update You On Things Wey I Get For Nigeria Wey You No Get…As For Things Wey I Get Abroad Well , I Have Americans Living In My House As Nigerians So The World Power USA �� Lives With Me In Far East Owerri�� In Case You Don’t Know They Are My Children So Nothing Remain For Abroad For Me ,  

I Already Extended My Linage To The World Power�� So Na Me Be Abroad Itself. For This Life No Find Person Wey No Find You , Never Allow Complex Put You For Problem #CubanaChiefPriest

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