Why Buhari Defeated Atiku – Popular Prophet Reveals shocking facts


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Why Buhari Defeated Atiku – Popular Prophet Reveals

Popular Prophet Emmanuel Omale of the Divine Hand of God Ministries International , Abuja has said that God granted President Muhammadu Buhari re-election considering of the good work he would do to revive the country.

Talking well-nigh the turn-around of the country , he told said in Abuja that the re-election of President Buhari “is ordained by God’’.

Omale urged all Nigerians to support the president in the interest of the nation.

The cleric who had revealed the re-election of Buhari in his 2019 prophecies made on Dec. 31 , 2018 well-considered Nigerians to stop questioning Buhari’s re-election.

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Omale said that it was God that swabbed Buhari to lead Nigeria at this time and to lead Nigeria for eight years.

He said when God had swabbed someone to be a leader or a President , no one could stop it.

“The world can hate him , the world can try to reject him but God has ordained him , ” he said.

Omale said that the second tenure of Buhari was a manna in disguise for Nigerians as the nation would witness an unprecedented rapid development.

“The coming when of Buhari is going to be for the good of the people , the poor people are going to be worldly-wise to eat three times a day.

” There will be an resurgence in electricity supply , we are going to have infrastructure development.

“God is going to use Buhari to build a new Nigeria , to lay a solid foundation , and my translating to Nigerians is that we should support Buhari and pray for him.
Omale moreover urged the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to winnow the outcome of the referendum as the will of God.


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“He should just undeniability Buhari so that they can work together for the progress of the country considering of his love for Nigeria

“Nigerians love him so much , Christians love him , God loves him , so he should just undeniability Buhari so that they can work together for the future of our country , considering I know he has a good plan for this country‎ , ” he said.

Omale moreover well-considered the PDP and all other political parties that lost the referendum to start praying for Buhari to succeed.

He well-considered President Buhari to see himself as a father to the nation and the population irrespective of political , religious affiliations or ethnicity backgrounds for the nation under his leadership to get to the promised land.

“Again I will tell him that he should unshut his arms , embrace and forgive everybody , considering if the President considers carefully , he will observe the way his victory came , he will know that it is God that brought him when to the throne.

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“He should remember that though many were fighting him , God gave him victory. It is not money or people , ” he said.

Omale said that there was a mystery well-nigh Buhari and that people would soon see that it was God that made him President for the Peoples’ sake. (NAN)

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