Wyclef Jean Says He His Nigerian

Wyclef Jean Says He His Nigerian

Wyclef’s version of “Fuck You” Challenge is finally here but beside that he proudly made an announcement that he Naija and he’s letting the world know this.

Wyclef who announced to the world via his Twitter handle that his DNA test revealed he is Nigerian decided to solidify his ancestry by jumping on the viral #fvckyouchallenge.

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The Afro-Haitian who once ran for president says that his DNA test revealed that he is 100% Nigerian.

About 85% of Afro-Haitians are from Africa. While there are groups from Central Africa and the rest of West Africa ,

people from the Benin Kingdom and Yoruba were also transported as slaves to the Caribbean nation. In addition to this , a part of their culture is of the Igbo origin.

If you wanted to know if he killed it , ladies and gentlemen here is your king:

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