Fireboy’s New Song “What If I Say” – Do You Think He’s Really Talented?


Fireboy’s New Song “What If I Say” – Do You Think He’s Really Talented? ,

What If I Say Fireboy is the most talented new acts on the block right now?

Recently I published a post about one thing all up & rising artists can learn from Fireboy’s journey so far so good , in case you missed it – Read it up Here

Olamide introduces Fireboy into the scene late last year with the YBNL Mafia Album , with “I’ll be fine” & “Jealous” being a solo track sees Fireboy spinning out electric uplifting and dream solitude song.

“Jealous” by Fireboy eventually became the heart of the album , and it has been argued to be one of the songs out of the industry so far this year and also topping charts for months.

A lot of music junkies still don’t have an iota of belief in Fireboy‘s talent though , even despite the huge success of Jealous. Yes! I understand why it is though , and that’s mainly cause we’ve seen quite a lot of one-hit wonders in the scene , so we shouldn’t jump to judge Fireboy too.

But to burst the bubbles of cynicism , Fireboy capitalizes on the sparky momentum laid down by “Jealous‘ to drop an amazingly fantastic sophomore single dubbed “What If I Say“.

Now the question now is , Does “What If I Say” reaffirms that Fireboy is indeed talented?

Listen to Fireboy’sWhat If I Say” below:-



Fireboy‘s new single has these melodies and light dance-hall rhythms that will make their way into your consciousness like an air conditioners and make it calm as cucumber.

The interpolation between Pheelz bubbling beat and Fireboy‘s sonorous voice is something we’ve seen during Adekunle Gold’s time at YBNL , but this time more it sounds more intriguing.


Fireboy sings about reuniting with his Bae , having a nice time with her , and including listening to some song on his beat by Dre speaker , that sure looks some heavenly time to have with Bae though. I should use that line for the LOML too someday 😍

Something have noticed is that very few musicians have the kind of artistic cachet as Fireboy. He makes this kind of music that you just need to drop everything and anything you doing at the time , so you can just listen to his vibe with full attentiveness. I Love His Vibe!

In conclusion , What If I Say by Fireboy as an amalgamation of R&B slow jams , soft rock beats , Afro-pop vibe and rousing spiritual tune that are capable to elicit a warmth that can melt away all type of cynicism or doubt about Fireboy’s talents. Boy gats Fire Indeed!

Overall , we will rate the song 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

So Guys 👇

With Fireboy’s New Song “What If I Say” – Do You Think He’s Really Talented As We Use To Think?

On A Scale Of 0-10 , How Will You Rate Fireboy’s “What If I Say”?

Let’s see what from your own point of views too.

Drop your comment…

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