"> Fresh9ja Street Mixtape with dj jeff (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)
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Fresh9ja Street Mixtape with dj jeff (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

In upholding our promise to stay committed and dedicated to our ardent fans and readers, as well as remaining your number one go-to music source on and offline, to
FRESH9JA in collaboration with DJ Jeff have come up with FRESH9JA to the Street Mixtape. It’s a little gift specially to appreciate your loyalty and patronage.

We’ve officially commenced our giveaways and as much as a thousand copies of our banging mixtape CDs would be given free of charge! We’ve also taken into consideration the fact that our online community cuts across the various spheres of the world and to that effect, we’ve made a digital version available for immediate download.

FRESH9JA To the Street Mixtape is a fine selection of the best of Nigerian jamz pulled from music genres including dancehall, afropop, hip-hop, rap and high life. DJ Jeff showed the best of his wheels-spinning prowess on the mixtape and while he switched catchy grooves, you can’t help but stay hooked on some spirit.

This is certified good stuff, !



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