I Was Not Looking For Fame When I Started Music – Sunny Nneji

I Was Not Looking For Fame When I Stated Music – Sunny Nneji

Highlife singer , Sunny Nneji a.k.a Mr Fantastic has said he wasn’t looking for fame when he became a musician.

The ‘Oruka’ crooner noted that he never allow fame get into his head because he prepared for it.

According to him:“People have different reasons for coming into the entertainment industry. For some people , fame just comes without them preparing for it. Some people come in with a specific purpose – they enjoy creating music.

I came into the industry because I enjoyed making music; I wasn’t looking for fame. I wanted to make music to touch people. So , when the fame came , it didn’t make any difference to me” , he said.

When asked about new projects he is working on ,

he said:

“I am currently working on a concert called Timeless that would hold between October and November. We are trying to put up a concert that would challenge lots of artistes to match the quality.

It is a way of challenging everybody to work harder. I am sure that the whole country is going to be very proud of it.

I have heard a lot of people complain about the quality of songs and concerts out there but I don’t like to get involved in that argument because I believe music is subjective. So , I just pursue what I think should be. We tend to set what we consider the standard.”

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