Liverpool Go Home With 108m Euros For Winning UEFA Champions League Final


Liverpool Go Home With 108m Euros

Liverpool are €108.9 million richer following their UEFA Champions League triumph over Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid , Spain , on Saturday.

Finalists Tottenham Hotspur are also smiling to the bank as they earn €104 million for their achievement.

UEFA’s distribution formula shows that Liverpool will get €15.5m participation bonus , €8.1 million for winning three group games , €35.3 million from the market pool , €9.5 million for reaching the Round of 16.

Liverpool will also get €10.5 million for reaching the quarter-finals and €12 million for reaching semi-finals and €19million for reaching the finals and winning it.

Only €4million separates the two finalists in prize money.

A total €1.95bn is estimated to be distributed among clubs from Group Stage onwards.

UEFA last year announced several major changes for the 2018-19 Champions League season and that included around 30 percent increase in prize money and how the revenue would be actually distributed among participant clubs.


Meanwhile , Liverpool’s manager , Jurgen Klopp says his players have suffered a lot and deserved the Champions league trophy more than anybody.

Speaking to BT Sport after the match , Klopp said: “I am so happy for the boys all these people , and my family. They suffer for me , they deserve it more than anybody.

“Did you ever see a team like , this , fighting with no fuel in the tank? And we have a keeper who makes difficult things look easy.

“It is the best night of our professional lives.

“It took a while , it is important for our development and improvement , This little mark helps a lot , now we can carry on. The owners never put pressure on us.

“Normally 20 minutes after the game I am half drunk , but now I have only had water!”

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