Liverpool vs Tottenham Final Is The Most Boring Champions League Final Ever !!


The 2019 highly anticipated Champions League final has finally come and gone 😩😩

A big Congratulations to Liverpool for winning their 6th Champions League Trophies , a big Congrats to Jurgen Klopp for this Win (his 3rd Champions league final) he finally won this year.

A super Congrats to the ever gingered Liverpool Players (They did not walk home alone this time , they went with a Trophy) 😭😭

sans-serif; font-size: large;”>Watch the Goals Highlight here if you missed the Match

sans-serif; font-size: large;”>BORING CHAMPIONS LEAGUE EVER

Well , ever since I started watching Champions league finals , this seems to be the Most boring one. I don’t think this should be called a Final at all 😞


Where e boring reach , I was even dozing off while watching both team play like chicken wey rain beat 😂😂

After Liverpool dealt with Barcelona in what seems like an unbelievable feat and Tottenham miraculously sending off Ajax in the Semi-final , one would think the Final is gonna be a very tough one but no – It ends up becoming the most boring final even in the Champions league history.

Well , over to you 👇

sans-serif; font-size: large;”>Is The Match Worth Been Called A Final?


sans-serif; font-size: large;”>What Could Have Been Wrong That Makes It So Boring?

Football lovers , please , we want to hear from you on this matter.

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