BBNaija Is A Scam! Arise Oh Nigerian Youth And Speak Against It! [Must Read]


BBNaija Is A Scam! Arise Oh Nigerian Youth And Speak Against It!. Big brother Naija is a scam! yes , you heard me right! Now , read on , please.

Last year , when auditions were called for those who wish to be contestants , in the next BBN reality show , yours truly was elated!

I was elated because I finally felt I was ready to partake in the reality show , as a housemate! However , a friend shared his own experience with me , and that changed my mind.

My friend , who had attended auditions four different times prior to last year , beckoned on me not to waste my time , because according to him , “they already knew who they were going to pick as contestants , and no poor man’s child , will be picked!

” Wow! that hit me so hard!! But was he right , well I really can’t say but if we take a critical look at this current edition of Big Brother Naija , we may be forced to agree with him.

Please , if you know of any housemate who comes from a poor family or who are not living above the average life ,

let me know and I will change my mindset but until then , I insist that BBN is a ruse.

However , we as Nigerian youths can voice out against BBN! The way we voiced out our displeasure against the man of God who was accused of rape is the same we can voice out against this scam.

We protested against COZA and he was forced to step down! we can also protest against BBNAIJA and either make them change their mode of operation or seize running the reality show!

Please , I still don’t understand the reason behind awarding millions of Naira to a person , who contested in a semi-nude , semi-porn , reality show.

We have young talented people in Nigeria who can make use of just 500 thousand naira , to build on their ideas , but nobody is looking towards their directions , because they are not from a rich home!

If only right thinking Nigerian youths will decide not to vote via SMS or the internet , then our protest would have started!

As for me , I have chosen not to watch or vote , in this year’s Big Brother Naija , what of you?

By Chekwube Adaba Kwentua

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