EXPOSED!!! Davido Was Not On Beyonce’s Album Because He Can’t Keep Secrets (READ THIS)


Davido Was Not On Beyonce’s Album Because He Can’t Keep Secrets , After the release of the long awaiting beyonce’s album , i was  asking myself what could be the reason why Davido was not on the album (Beyonce‘s “Lion King”)  which Wizkid , Burna Boy , Tekno and others graced.

While checking out some tweets on Twitter today , a particular tweet caught my attention and I can’t help but bring it here for you all to see.

See Tweet below:-

It might be true and might be false but believe me ,

I have a feeling this could be the reason – anything is possible oooo.

What’s NDA “Non-disclosure agreement”?

When working on a project , some Brands/Companies or Individuals do not want anyone involved in that project to disclose anything about it to third parties or share the info on Social media.

Most brand will ask you to sign this Agreement , so they can be rest assured you won’t let anyone knows about the Project. You will be sued if you go against this.

Could This Tweet be right?

Even though I do not believe in this tweet , am having this impression that it might be 100% correct because none of the Artistes involved mentioned or hinted their fans about it.

None of them said anything at all , no one saw Nigerian Artistes on that album , we just woke up to it and the internet was on fire.

Why Davido is not on the Album?

According to the tweet above , Davido won’t keep to the agreement as anxiety will make him post something about it on Social media.

Davido might just pick up his phone , open the Twitter app and tweet something like this

I Swear , the Davido we all know can do it

Well , over to you guys , we want you guys to have a say on this.

Could This Be The Reason Why Davido Was Not On The Album?

Let’s hear from you all.

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