Femi Otedola Stopped To Wear Wristwatches And Here Is Reason


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Stopped To Wear Wristwatches And Here Is Reason , Femi Otedola has revealed why he doesn’t wear a wristwatch and the interpretation we have to his explanation is inspiring.

Many people claim to fee void and naked when they forget to wear their wristwatch but Femi Otedola claims he stopped wearing a wristwatch since the past 3years.

A fan asked the billionaire on twitter to give a reason why he doesn’t wear wristwatch and has never been seen with a wristwatch in any of his pictures.

Femi Otedola stated the reason while replying to a fan question about him not wearing wristwatch.

According to him; ” I started wearing watch when i was 12yrs old and I stopped 3yrs ago. Technology has ended our necessity for archaic wristwatch. less is more”

Read their exchange below;

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