"> “Nigeria’s Cup Is Full Already” - Pastor Tunde Bakare Says
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“Nigeria’s Cup Is Full Already” – Pastor Tunde Bakare Says

Nigeria’s Cup Is Full Already” – Pastor Tunde Bakare Says . Pastor Tunde Bakare has finally reacted to the killing of kof PA Reuben Fasoranti, Mrs Olufunke Fasoranti by yet to be identified gunmen.

Tunde Bakare on his reaction declared that Nigeria’s cup is full with the killing of Mrs Fashoranti.

The fiery cleric, who broke down in tears while delivering his sermon on Sunday, wondered how Nigeria found itself in a situation where life counted for nothing even to the leaders, adding that with the latest killing, Nigeria’s ‘cup is full.’

According to Bakare, political and security leaders in the country are both had been playing politics with the lives of the citizens through deliberate inaction.

“A few weeks ago here, I called the attention of the nation to the impostors who visited Aso Rock in the name of Afenifere leaders. Now you have killed the daughter of the real Afenifere leader, a 95-year-old man,” Bakare said while crying.

“And you think God will overlook these things. Someone who had gone to see her father and returning to her station! I tell you, now, the cup is full.”

Bakare, a former presidential running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari, further stated that security agencies had used different standards for different categories of people whose kinsmen were victims of criminals in the country.

Bakare said: “The other day, the wife of the Governor of Central Bank (of Nigeria) was kidnapped; and within a few hours, they did not just rescue the woman, they also arrested those who perpetrated the crime.

“Now, the daughter of Pa Fasoranti has been killed, and we have been hearing only stories, nothing tangible has been achieved.

“If someone desires a thing so seriously and does not know the purpose for such a thing, when he gets it, he won’t achieve anything with it.”

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