BREAKING! See Why Pogba Could Still Move To Real Madrid


Why Pogba Could Still Move To Real Madrid , Mathias Pogba has claimed his brother , Paul pogba , is “waiting” to leave Manchester United.

According to him , a move to Real Madrid could still happen , before the end of the Spanish transfer window.

Earlier this summer , Pogba admitted that he wanted to leave United as he is looking for a “new challenge”.

The World Cup winner is Zinedine Zidane’s major target , but so far , a transfer has not materialized.

Mathias Pogba , who joined Spanish fourth division side CD Manchego last month , claims his brother still wants to leave United and insists a late move to Madrid cannot be ruled.

“Zidane is one of the greats and I think that if the club give him what he wants , he won’t have a problem , but if they don’t give it to him , he’s going to have a hard time because what he wants is not going to happen ,

because right now it’s a little late.
“My brother is missing and I think he needs another midfielder.
“Of course Florentino [Perez] can get him , nothing is impossible in life.
“I don’t think he’s worth 200 million , but now the football world is like that , Manchester are going to ask for a lot , but not 200.
“It’s a delicate situation but the player has his personal goals , if you have to leave , well , that’s it.
“If you can’t stay and play where you are , you can stay and you’re done. I can’t assure you that he is going to stay at United.
“We know he wanted to move , but he’s not to blame. He’s waiting. He works hard and we’ll see what happens.
“In football you never know. Until September 2 everything can happen. ‘My brother’s dream is to win the Champions League , ” Mathias said in an interview with El Chiringuito.

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