Coincidence? Six Shocking Events Surrounding The Tragic Death Of Dj Arafat


Six Shocking Events Surrounding The Tragic Death Of Dj Arafat , The tragic death of Ivorian singer , Dj Araf at

hit the headlines of Africa’s news pages hours ago , he was said to have died after a road accident in Abidjan , 47xcclusive reported.

However , there are remarkable concurrence of events that have appears mysterious to us all about his death. Could they be just coincidences?

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(1) His stage name was DJ Arafat… He died on the day of Arafat 2019

(2) His last song was “Motorcycle”… He died on a Motorcycle.

(3) His debut single “Jonathan” , which brought him to limelight was about “Death” and had its video clip shot in a Motorcycle Show held at the burial ceremony of his best friend “Jonathan”… Years later , he too died on a motorcycle.

(4) He was shot to stardom on a Motorcycle Video Clip….He started on a MOTORCYCLE and ended on a MOTORCYCLE.

(5) He hated Journalists more than Trump and journalists detested him too… the car of one of them led to his demise.

(6) His hugest foreign sponsors and international fans were the Chinese… He died in front of the Chinese Embassy.

In Cote d’Ivoire and the entire African Francophone world , DJ Arafat was the equivalent of Wizkid or Davido. His songs were monster hits. He was the very best in his country. He has always been massively popular in the African French speaking countries , over 14 countries in all.

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