Interview with 2nd prince, face of western Nigeria 2018; Oladeji Elisha


Tell us more about yourself?

My name is Oladeji Elisha Olaniyi. I studied computer engineering at The Polytechnic Ibadan. I’m a native of modakeke , Osun state. I’m a Christian and God fearing person . I’m the CEO of Remi_casual_wears. I am passionate about my work , someone whose timekeeping is good , a trustworthy person who won’t let you down , someone who works well with other people.

What motivate you to Contest?

What motivate me is that i wanted to show the people in here that i can be role model to the youth through joining this kind of pageant and I wanted to make use of this opportunity to learn about people from other places

Prior to your victory as the 2nd prince face of western Nigeria 2018 , what were your aspirations for the position?
For my pet project ,

I was able to visit solid rock orphanage , Ajebamidele , Ile ife , Osun state , to donate food , snacks , clothes , books etc.
I visited Kosere prison in ile ife to give the food items and clothes.
And as a fashion designer I wants to use this position to showcase more of my works to the public.

What else did you get yourself into apart from modeling?

I’m also a fashion designer

How were you able to manage the position of pageant king with your fashion line?
I think both work interwoven because being a pageant king helps and build me more.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Own a luxury fashion company

Your advice to those looking up to you?

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t be who you want to be.

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