“The Government Can Never Be Bigger Than The People” – Skiibii Rants

“The Government Can Never Be Bigger Than The People”, Nigerian singer, Skiibii has advised Nigerians to let of their fearful nature in pursuit for change as the government can never be bigger than the people.

Nigeria has experienced so many tragedies from police brutality and a few celebrities have come out to express their displeasure at the way the government is handling the issue. Skiibii, however, has a few words for Nigerians.

The “Darz How Stars Do” singer took to his Instagram story to express his pity over the current situation in the country.

According to Skiibii, Nigerians are yet to realize that they are stronger than the government. He believes that the country would change only if citizens can overcome their fear and take matters into their hands.

“I sorry for Nigeria smh. The people don’t know that they are more powerful than the government. When they realize that and stop all this fear fear. Nigeria will change”

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