Is Naira Marley The Biggest Opportunist In The History Of Nigerian Music? “Puta” Review


Is Naira Marley The Biggest Opportunist In The History Of Nigerian Music? ,   Naira Marley is currently thriving effortlessly in an industry that is full of keen competition and that is because he created an outstanding space for himself.

Some people say that the singer is a product of grace and one who is being aided by mere luck. To some extent , this statement could be true , but the fact that the singer turned himself to an enviable opportunist is an absolutely laudable effort.

Life presented a golden opportunity to Naira Marley in the most horrible fashion , but the singer in the most amusing and inexplicable way identified the opportunity and became all he’d ever hoped he would become. The EFCC situation would have consumed any other person but Naira Marley made sure he didn’t end up being a victim but more of a hero from the story line that rocked the whole nation.

A strong character is who he is , an obvious go-getter and one who gets easily past distractions in his own unique way. Someone who soars higher amidst controversies , a strategist that polishes ‘evil’ into an end-product that emits beauty and bliss and he probably is the first person that i would give my support to for having a high level of in-sensitiveness (a factor that has given him so much relevance in the industry).

Naira Marley after his struggles in 2019 never got soaked by emotional breakdown but got charge-up and raised his work level even more efficiently more than ever before. The singer who already had several songs before he got in prison via his case with the EFCC came back ,

grabbed the ‘opportunity’ presented by the case and dropped hit songs for his loyalist (Marlians). Ever since , the fortunes of Naira turned around and he turned himself to being one of the biggest artistes of 2019 so far.

Naira’s persistence and love for music made him go again into the studio with his trusted producer; Rexxie , and they created another record; “Puta” which like every other recently released Naira Marley’s songs is doing well on the streets. Prior to the release of “Puta , ” Naira dropped a seriously banging and highly controversial record; “Soapy” which is a serious contender for song of the year and just few weeks after that , Puta” drops and it is already showing signs of a record that has come to survive.

However , with “Puta” i don’t really think it’s a great record as i feel its’s a continuation of “Soapy , ” the beat , the pattern and the way Naira Marley laced his vocals are a reminiscence of the banging “Soapy.” But it wouldn’t be fair on Rexxie’s part if i do not give him his credit , though the beat sounds like “Soapy’s , ” but there were other touches and advancement that qualifies “Puta” for a perfect jam for the dance floor , Rexxie did well.

Could “Puta” turn out to be another hit from Naira Marley?


Written by Taiwo Oluwafemi 

Twitter – @neefe_nawti

Instagram – @neefe_nawti

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