[Xenophobia] I Have Been Able To Save A Lot Of Lives Today – Hushpuppi


I Have Been Able To Save A Lot Of Lives Today , Nigerian IG celebrity , Hushpuppi has taken responsibility for the number of Nigerian celebrities now speaking up about the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Now , he says ‘I have been given a platform by the people , it’s only right that I do the right thing with it to help and save the lives of the people’.

My message today has brought a lot of awareness to what’s happening to our people in South Africa regardless of how harsh I decided to relay my message ,

they say drastic situations call for drastic measures and the drastic and harsh way I passed my message to our politicians and celebrities has made my voice to be heard quicker and a lot of awareness are being raised to the matter now with actions to end the xenophobic act of some South Africans.

My message is not personal to anyone , I just couldn’t hold my words knowing this has been going on for 5 days and no one is doing nothing about it. Thank you to everyone who’s been spreading the word , U are a lifesaver. God bless you all

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