I Wasn’t Dead, I’m Alive – Sky B Raises Alarm After Rumours Of Death Hit The Internet


I Wasn’t Dead I’m Alive – Sky B Raises Alarm After Rumours Of Death Hit The Internet , Could the view that terrible new spread a 10 times faster than good news be true?

Nigerian veteran musician , Sky B , who was reported dead some days ago by a lot of media outlet has really not died and he’s alive. The musician has revealed he only passed out after falling sick and he c alled his friends to let them in on the situation only for him to regain consciousness and see that the news about his death has been spread all over social media. He however sounded it clear to all that he isn’t dead as he is alive and healthy.


He wrote;

“The rumor about my death started after acting a movie last week in Owerri , I died in the movie not in real life. The main one that hit the net was the one that happened yesterday around 2:30am I had an emergency which I was taken to the hospital and I called a few friends to pray for me and I updated on my status that I was critically ill and needed prayers only for me to come out after hours of taking drip to hear about my death rumor everywhere.
I was shocked at first but , now I thank God today that I didn’t die and I can’t die and please let no one post anything about my death. Please I beg you to post about my music not about my death. I apologize to everyone who was urt and to people who cared about me and also I apologize to my greatest fans home and abroad who called tirelessly and messaged to get facts. Please SkyB is strong now and ready to perform anywhere on any stage and dropping new songs too. I’m back fully with earth and water.

Could Skyb have joined the list of Nigerian musicians who faked their death for publicity stunt or could what he actually have revealed after his death be true? This is a question begging for an answer!

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