Producer; Adey Blasts Tinny Entertainment For Leaking Ycee’s Songs, Says They Are Greedy


Producer; Adey Blasts Tinny Entertainment For Leaking Ycee’s Songs , Says They Are Greedy , Hell was let loose on the internet yesterday after Ycee’s former label; Tinny Entertainment , leaked two songs off Ycee’s forthcoming album; “Ycee Vs Zaheer.”

The rapper’s producer Adey , has now lashed out at the own er of the record label , Tinny , for his actions and attempt to frustrate Ycee’s survival as a musician in the music industry. The producer accused Tinny of jeopardizing brilliant opportunities that came the way of Ycee from international record labels; Columbia records and Sony all for his greed towards money. He also revealed he tried to forcefully take control of all the Ycee songs in his possession.

Adey took to his Twitter page to vent his anger and call out Tinny

. He wrote; “Tell the truth you pussy. You tried to sue me and seize control of all YCEE songs in my possession because you hadn’t paid me my royalties and your baggy suit lawyers were egging you on. Tell the world how you scuttled deals with Columbia and Sony for juice. Tell the truth!”

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