LET’S TALK!!! Can Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance Overthrow Zlatan’s “Zanku” Dance??

Can Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance Overthrow Zlatan’s “Zanku” Dance??

Can Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance Overthrow Zlatan’s “Zanku” Dance??. Is “Tesumole” dance about to take over the Nigerian dance floors and sent Zlatan’s “Zanku” dance away?

Looking back at the entertainment phase in Nigeria, we’ve seen the rise and fade off of various dance steps after a new dance surfaced.

Nigerians often tend to let go of the old dance and embraced the new one that has just been created by a well-known and loved musician.

The Zlatan‘s created dance step “Zanku” was known to have ended the reign of the Shaku Shaku dance after it has been sealed and approved by industry big names like Davido.

Now Naira Marley has resurfaced with a new step called “Tesumole” after his curated “Soapy” dance was bastardized by a lot of Nigerians cause of the immorality behind the dance.


Now “Tesumole” meaning “Step On Devil” is a dance that looks like the church-reflective dance step of casting the devil out of one’s life and as such it’s going to make the dance cut across everybody, unlike “Soapy” dance.

Nowadays, I hardly see people doing the Zanku dance, whenever I scroll through social media, everybody has been deeply bitten by the “Tesuomole” virus.

And with the huge numbers of Marlians virilizing this dance step at once, it will surely envelop Nigeria very soon.

The dance looks like a step that will span through December and also be the focal dance of 2020. I believe.

So Guys 👇

Can Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance Overthrow Zlatan’s “Zanku” Dance?

Let’s hear from you

Drop your comments…

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