I Got Diarrhea After Eating Something In Ghana – Cardi B (Watch Video)


I Got Diarrhea After Eating Something In Ghana. Rapper Cardi B

I Got Diarrhea After Eating Something In Ghana. Rapper Cardi B has alleged she got diarrhea after eating something she couldn’t describe in Ghana.

Taking to Live Instagram , she mentioned that that was one of the reasons why she couldn’t come down to meet the aggrieving Ghanaian celebrities who had come for a meet and greet yesterday.

The rapper later apologized for the disappointment and made up with them after her show in Accra.

She arrived in the Ghanaian capital early on Sunday and was greeted by hoards of people at the city’s airport , including local press.

The Bodack Yellow songstress then treated fans to a tour of her humongous hotel room.

‘Oh snap , we are going to turn up today. I want to bring the baddest b****** to my room , this room is far too big not to have a party ,

’ she exclaimed while walking around the plush room with a hotel rep and her entourage.

Early that morning she had been raunchily dancing in Lagos alongside Burna Boy before hopping on a private jet for her flight to Ghana.

Man , we in motherf***in Nigeria!’ the Bronx-born Latina – who boasts 74.7M followers – said of her new surroundings when she landed there on Thursday.

The musician is in Africa because she was headlining the LiveSpot X Festival’s stops in Lagos on Saturday and Accra on Sunday.

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