BREAKING!! ₦5000 & ₦2000 Naira Notes Is Out (video)


₦5000 & ₦2000 Naira Notes Is Out

₦5000 & ₦2000 Naira Notes Is Out. Even though the central bank of Nigeria is yet to release new naira notes , a video of man reportedly depositing the sum of N17million with new N5000 and N2000 naira notes in a bank has hit the internet.

In a corresponding video which has since surfaced on the internet , a woman who probably recoded the rare scenario revealed how the man came to the unnamed bank with the bundle of new 5000 and 2000 naira notes to deposit it , stating that he said the money is N18 million in total.

However , she said upon counting the money , it was discovered to be N17 million.

It is yet to be known how he came into possession of the said notes , the lady in the video who appears to be a staff of the bank , said the man identified himself as a madman

Watch video:

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