Between Dagrin, Fela and 2Pac, Whose Music Do You Miss The Most?


Between Dagrin , <a href= Fela and 2Pac , Whose Music Do You Miss The Most?” width=”700″ height=”525″ />

When Dagrin , Fela and 2Pac were alive , their music meant so much to us.

We all hate death. We mourn the loss of a dear one not because they were just close to us , but because we won’t get to see them anymore. Their voice , their appearance , they won’t be there again.

It’s the same feeling I had when Dagrin died. The life he professed in Ghetto Dreams wasn’t going to exist , I wasn’t going to hear those emo-rap songs anymore. Tragic.

If I felt that way , I wondered those in the era of Abami Eda , Fela would have felt. The source of afrobeat , one whose stage performance was a template to many , his music was often laden with political commentary and real-life stories.

2Pac might have died in the 90s but it’s so surprising his music still gets played and many draw inspiration from his rap style and the message in his songs.

But guys ,

Between Dagrin , Fela and 2Pac , Whose Music Do You Miss The MOST?

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