ALBUM REVIEW!! “King Of Love” – Did Kizz Daniel Disappoint You Or Burst Your Brain With The Album?


“King Of Love” - Did Kizz Daniel Disappoint You Or Burst Your Brain With The Album?

“King Of Love” – Did Kizz Daniel Disappoint You Or Burst Your Brain With The Album?

Back to the beginning when Kizz came into the scene , he was misconstrued as another one-hit-wonder. The reason is not far fetched , a boy that young dropping those classic tunes , you would wonder how long he can hold on for.

Fortunately for lovers but unfortunately for his haters , this young boy who is now a man doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

After his separation from his record label , Boy Kizz looked like he was sitting on a 3-legged chair , this boy cannot be bothered.

He dropped an album titled ‘No Bad Songz‘ What an effrontery! That album lived to its name and expectation as there was indeed no bad song on that album.

Again , I will bring back what I wrote about that album review at the time it dropped. ‘Kizz Daniel No bad song album will live after him and will only be understood after such a long time. Exact same thing i will say about the King of

Love album.



The pride , the courage , the confidence to go 17 songs without a collaboration. Not his first time , but you will think this boy will change his ways. Hell NO! The boy is waxing stronger , sticking to the exact same route that got him this far.

King of Love album inspires hard work , consistency , tenacity , perseverance and some Loyalty. The production credit and crew show some loyalty.

Kizz Daniel has stuck with Coublon and Young Jonn , 2 producers who make it a point of duty to deliver ONLY HIT songs.

Kizz understands the chemistry he has with the likes of Coublon , Young Jonn and Krizbeats and he sure doesn’t seem like he is letting go anytime soon.

The emergence of Philkeys , Ty Mixx , Selebobo , Teflon Zino , Lussh , Fancy , Major Bangz on the album only tells you this boy knows exactly what he wants and how to go about it.

Shout out to Major Bangz for Blessing Lil Kesh and I with Shoki many years ago , I still feel the boy did not get deserved credit on that project. Love you always Major Bangz.

Here is a personal angle for me , Sugar boy on the production crew. OH , MY DAYS! If only the world knew the talent of the Boy named Sugar.

Having them work together again gladdens my heart so much because i have a personal understanding of the Kizz Daniel/Sugar Boy chemistry.

I felt it all through the album. One day I hope Sugar boy gets the credits he deserves for all the hard work he has always put in.

Written by:- Wale Applause

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