Did You Know Something Crawls Out Of Your Face When You’re Asleep At Night? (Read HERE)


Did you know something crawls out of your face when you’re asleep at night?

Did you know something crawls out of your face when you’re asleep at night?

While reading this , if your face suddenly feels itchy , don’t worry , I felt the same way too when I read about skin mites.

They are called arachnids also known as face mites , and they look like ticks. Nothing can be done to remove them , they are on every adult’s face.

Don’t be scared , they live a peaceful life in the face pores of adults.

According to reports , they are not found on babies , and they are considered to be transmitted through motherly contact.

These face mites have eight-legs , they are transparent and microscopic.

They live in the roots of facial hair follicles on both men and women , deep down in the pores.

Their meal is the oil your face produces to keep hydrated ,

that’s what they feed on.

They sleep by day and crawl out at night when one is asleep.

They crawl on the surface of the skin to mate , male looks for female , and they mate on your skin surface.

The part of your face that harbors more oil is where they are most likely to be found.

According to studies , they are not harmful when in a smaller number , until their number increases exceedingly then a skin disease known as demodicosis (red or white patch on the skin) would occur.

According to a dermatologist , most people live peacefully with their face mites until old age. They also have no anus , so they store their poo in their bodies until their death.

Did You Know About Face Mites Before Now? Do You Have Any Questions?

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