MUSIC REVIEW! Fireboy’s New Song “New York City Girl – A Hit Song Or Just A Waste Of Data


Fireboy’s New Song “New York City Girl - A Hit Song Or Just A Waste Of Data

Fireboy’s New Song “New York City Girl – A Hit Song Or Just A Waste Of Data

Fireboy’s new single , New York City Girl has g athered polarizing opinions with listeners differing about what they feel about the new release.


“You can’t have a good album like LTG and your follow up lacks a sparkle”.

When Fireboy’s new single emerged Sunday night , the good feedback was expected. Steadily , the negative reviews trooped in huge numbers as well.

Why were people complaining?

In a year where new sounds and vibes are being released , listeners expected something different. The song sounds a little bit lukewarm and lacking in energy needed to drive the song. The captivating melodies that adored his Laughter , Tears and Goosebumps album are missing.

Also , contrary to opinions , the new release is perhaps not part of the singles that failed to make his debut album. New York City Girl doesn’t key into the narrative of Laughter , Tears and Goosebumps.

On New York City Girl , Fireboy is telling a personal story. Over a simple guitar baseline driven by minimal percussion , he lets out why he doesn’t want to let a girl leave him. He yearns for one “more chance” with her.

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Yet , the main problem is , the song failed to connect. Fireboy tried to do too much like putting the chorus as the intro and shortening the length of the song. Yet it lacks this sweetness associated with most singles off his debut album.

The tale is beautiful , but the elements and narrative failed to connect with people. Two short verses and a repeated chorus falls short of the expectations of people.

Yet , it’s not bad. The problem is not Fireboy. New York City Girl is a commendable release. The problem is , people expected too much as a follow up to such a wonderful album.

But to you ,

You’ve Listened To Fireboy’s New Song – Do You Think It’s A Hit Song Or Just A Waste Of Data?

Let’s your thoughts about the song.

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