Music Review! Here’s Our Opinion About Rema’s “Ginger Me”


Music Review! Here’s Our Opinion About Rema’s “Ginger Me”

Here’s Our Opinion About Rema’s “Ginger Me

Rema’s new output , Ginger Me is refreshing , a smooth , vintage production. Here’s our opinion about it.

What a week for Rema. Nicked a BET nomination. Named as Apple Music Up Next Artist of the Month. Steadily doors are opening , and with each step he makes , he’s reaching his goal – exporting Afrobeats to the world.

With Ginger Me , it’s an invitation to his world. Driven by melancholic synths and utilising an emotional , plaintive voice , Rema sings tenderly , opening up from a place where no one wants to talk – love.

This differs from the bad boy persona he’s cultivated with his last outputs. It’s distinct , separate from the club banging hits Dumebi and Lady or the bad boy Rema on Beamer.

On Ginger Me , he’s wallowed in love. This love has sunk him down to his feelings ,

and he warbles lyrics from a well of emotional depth , which restates how we feel and do when we’re in love. “I dey do like mumu”. That’s what love makes you do after finding it.

“Hard guy , hard guy , but when you finally find love , you know this is different.”

Listen below:-



The chorus is the most arresting part , where everyone will feel the power of Rema’s vocals. The way he sings it , the melodic strength it wields , drawing its prowess from the elements of the beat.

There are no blemishes about Rema’s Ginger Me. With each release , Rema is perfecting his art and expanding. This latest release is carefully crafted with the Bad Commando sounding impressive , offering intimacy in his candour.

Ginger Me helps articulate love is every bad guy’s weakness. And when he eventually encounters it , he feels differently about it. It’s an unfamiliar feeling to him. Love could empower you and spur you , and at the same time , it can make you act as a dummy. Rema’s Ginger Me helps tell this story.


This is exotic music. The sweetness of this release is so addictive.

Overall , we will rate this song 8/10

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