"> LET’S TALK! Naira Marley’s Songs Are Not Banging Anymore, What Could Be Wrong?
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LET’S TALK! Naira Marley’s Songs Are Not Banging Anymore, What Could Be Wrong?

Naira Marley’s Songs Are Not Banging Anymore, What Could Be Wrong?

Naira Marley’s Songs Are Not Banging Anymore, What Could Be Wrong?

The flavour and sweetness that once serenaded Naira Marley’s singles last year seems to have gone bland, What has gone wrong for the singer?

What made us love Naira Marley in 2019? You’ll ask. How did we fall in love with the sweet fillings this guy offered?

Naira Marley had this spark. This freshness was missing around the time he burst into the scene. The singer came with a genre-bending style that separated him from his peers, making music similar to him.

When it came to wafting melodic tracks from personal experiences, no one came close. Naira Marley trumped everyone. That distinct ability to create relatable singles that appealed to the emotions of people.

And coupled with people’s empathy for him stemming from his EFCC ordeal, Naira found luck aplenty. Knowing this might not last long, he had to utilize this stardom.

With one single (Soapy), came increased attention and further controversy. Then another song (Pxta) ensured the spotlight would last long. And it did. With Mafo, the bedrock of his year-end EP, Lord Of Lamba, Naira Marley stayed atop of conversations for the rest of the year.

But Who Else Is Noticing A Decline?

The vigor and crispness that adored Naira Marley’s singles in 2019 is absent. The excitement that brims when you listen to Mafo. The tingling feeling which erupts when you hear Am I A Yahoo Boy on the streets. And how we joyfully exhibited dance steps to Tesumole.

They’re missing.

You hear a Naira Marley single is on the way, and you aren’t motivated to listen. You can predict the content. You know the sound direction. You know who produced the beat even before you hear. You know what to expect.

Singles this year; Aye, Dido Lobo, As E Dey Go are cut from the fabric of heavy infusion of street Lamba and profanity.

That freshness is missing. The joy of wanting to listen to a new Naira Marley record. The frenzy social media feels when a prominent artist announces a new single is on the way is lacking.

Naira Marley will release a single these days, and you won’t be pressurized to hear. What could be wrong?

Something is happening. Perhaps we’re tired of the sound. Maybe it’s time for the Marlian Music honcho to pause, reflect and seek inspiration from other places.

Naira Marley, Wagwan?

Marlians, What’s Happening To Our President?

Songs Aren’t Banging Anymore. What Could Be Wrong?

Have your say on this matter.

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