Twitter, FBI Launch Investigation Into Bitcoin Scam


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Twitter , FBI Launch Investigation Into Bitcoin Scam

Twitter and the FBI have started investigations into whether hackers bribed a Twitter employee to get access into verified accounts and post messages soliciting for bitcoins.

On Wednesday , July 15 , Twitter announced that so many high profile celebrity accounts like former US President Barack Obama , Joe Biden , Kim Kardashian , Kanye West , Elon Musk were breached , as the hackers used the accounts to post scam messages soliciting Bitcoin transfers to a wallet controlled by the hackers.

INCASE YOU MISSED:- Twitter Account Of Bill Gate , Barack Obama , Elon Musk And Others Hacked And Use For Bitcoin Scam

According to Twitter , hackers received $120 , 000 worth of Bitcoin in 500 transactions , with the scam said to be one of the largest ever on a social media site.

The FBI has announced it is investigating the hacks , and said the high-profile accounts ‘appear to have been compromised in order to perpetuate cryptocurrency fraud.

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