ALBUM REVIEW! Patoranking’s Album ”Three” Is Lifeless, And Generic – DO YOU AGREE?


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Patoranking’s Album ”Three” Is Lifeless , And Generic

Being one of the mainstream dancehall pioneers of instantly recognized preachers of the rags-to-riches narrative , an altogether common trope in the Nigerian music scene , one would think with Patoranking’s years of experience in the industry , he would at least make a move from the boring end of the spectrum he has remained despite over 5 body of work churned out in less than 5 years.

Safe for two songs on the ”Three” album , which so happens to be his third studio album , the project does a hands-on job of providing an immediate overview of itself; an inherently monotonous album , made possible by the bland , mediocre mix of the Jamaican/dancehall hypo-masculinity , loverboy representation , simple lyrics , impactless features , and unimaginative storytelling.

These , in turn , producing an uneven result of blobs void of music , genuinety , and vibe alongside an awareness that the only people who will listen to the entirety of ”Three” are those who will be reviewing it; an excruciating 1hr of our time , and if I am being honest , a long time to spend alone with Patoranking.

The songs ”Yo Body” and ”Abule” stand out on this 12 cut collection , as they present a flow that oozes laidback colorful and efficacious reggae off surging , modern pop beats but somehow slither repeatedly into the mechanical haven of reheated reggaeton/dancehall.

Whine it ft Saulti Sol could have worked its way loose from the rest of the lukewarm tracks as the hook stands colorfully effective on its own but , lacks the power to do this largely based off of the lyrical content Patoranking’s employed on both verses; lackluster to say the least

Sauti Sol did play their part but failed to bring their A , or B , game. However , I must be said that if this track as well as the track titled ”Nobody” is played at a party , club , or gym , they may exude a certain offhand charm but not with the sick in the pit of the stomach kinda feeling that one may be headed for a bland marathon , a challenge many may , in fact , enjoy as adrenaline and alcohol comes into play here.

The featured acts on the project , in general , did a poor job as they failed to imprint their personal or geographic influence on ”Three” , a thing that should have come naturally to them except of course for one act on there who seems to have long faded into obscurity. Pato’s decision to have this person on ”Three , ” , further proves how lost he is musically.

In an earlier review , I mentioned the need for artistes to sample old songs , an act that instead of building nostalgia as intended only takes them several steps back , revealing just how amateurish their records are and their unwillingness to grow. ”Black Girl Magic” a funk/rock song had an obvious semblance to Bruno Mars “24k magic” , he does so bad a job , his derivative lyrics , and amateurish recycled ”Brunomarcism” put a great dent in the gospel of ”Black Girl Magic”

Many of the songs on this project are best described as unnecessary , from the autobiographical drenched ”Lion In The Jungle , ” to the poor attempt at preaching love and unity on ”Love is the answer , ” bringing me to the conclusion that he can not earn a grain of respect from critics with yet another languid , lifeless , and generic body of work.

Overall , we will rate the album 4/10

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