5 Things Laycon Can Do To Convert His “Pity Fans” To “Forever Loyal Fans” (No. 3 Will Be Hard But It’s Necessary)

5 Things Laycon Can Do To Convert His “Pity Fans” To “Forever Loyal Fans”

5 Things Laycon Can Do To Convert His “Pity Fans” To “Forever Loyal Fans”

Laycon must ensure that he must not do things that will make fans feel he is undeserving of the support, fame, and money they made him earn. And of course, “na small thing dey vex Nigerians”.

Here Are Top 5 Ways We Think Laycon Can Convert His “Pity Fans” To “Forever Loyal Fans”

1. Giving Back To The Society

The fact is, Laycon is now a brand, and part of his activities as a brand should include giving back to the less privileged.

By giving back to society, we don’t mean he should be doing only online giveaways.

His modus operandi for giving back to the society should be focused on the real less privileged on the street who really need help.

This will no doubt increase his brand loyalty and made everyone who voted him to win feel like they have done the right thing.

2. His Songs Should Be Socio-Conscious And Not About Girls And Money

As a winner of BBNaija Reality TV show and a musician, it is no doubt that his music career is not the same as where it was when he first entered the house.

However, Laycon needs to stay true to that image of intelligent and talented Laycon by doing songs that actually pass meaningful messages to his core fans.

He needs to do more inspirational songs or any kind of conscious music that will make people dance at the same time.

Laycon should avoid doing songs of pride, songs that could seem like slut-shaming to girls or money bragging songs.

3. He Should Keep A Moderate Dressing Habit

The way Laycon appears in the eyes of the general public now is very important.

He should understand the story of how he became a brand and then follow up with the story in other not to make the fan-base he has gathered fall-off.

Here is the deal, winning BBNaija comes with enormous fame and it is most likely that Laycon will want to switch to the superstar life of dressing in a very exotic manner like rocking designer shoes, expensive wrist-watches and all of that.

Laycon‘s current brand image in the eyes of the public centers around simplicity and intelligence. While trying to look good, Laycon should keep it simple but not stupid.

This way, most Nigerians who voted him won’t feel oppressed and they will be able to see him as still one of them.

4. He Should Be Active On Social Media

It’s over 24hours that Laycon won the BBNaija show and he has not been able to make himself available for direct conversation with fans yet.

Now, Nigerians are already trending the hashtag, #WhereIsLaycon just to have him come on IG Live session.

Laycon needs to be active on social media, his 1million+ followers do not follow him for no reason, they followed him just to be getting updates about him.

So, Laycon shouldn’t be like Miracle former BBNaija winner, social media made Laycon win the show, so he needs to be a lot active on social media to keep his fanbase loyal and growing.

5. He Should Avoid Ugly Controversies

While trying to stay active on social media, Laycon should avoid any kind of ugly controversy.

Trending for the wrong reason is not good for his brand and music career right now.

More reason why he should desist from any form of interaction with Erica for now because things could get messy on social media in a split of seconds.

Laycon should also be mindful of negative comments on social media, he should not allow any of the comments get to him to the extent that he will have to start ranting on social media.

As a star, he needs to master the habit of not responding to every negative comment.


The End!!

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What Other Things Do You Think Laycon Can Do To Convert His “Pity Fans” To “Forever Loyal Fans”?

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