Let’s Vote: Davido’s “FEM” or Wizkid’s “NO STRESS”

Let’s Vote: Davido’s “FEM” Or Wizkid’s “NO STRESS”

Let’s Vote: Davido’s “FEM” or Wizkid’s “NO STRESS”

As there is a lot of noise and fuss about “No Stress”, Wizkid’s new song, let us take a minute to vote between Davido’s “FEM” and Wizkid’s “NO STRESS”.

There is currently a lot of heat on social media concerning the new single released by the king of music “Wizkid”. This is his second release from his highly anticipated album, “Made In Lagos”.

Let’s take a quick look at the album cover depicting the typical look of Lagos state. Everyone knows that Lagos is a place to flex and have all the fun there is which is depicted on the cover with all the beautiful colors and lighting.

The cover has so many other things you would love to know about.

Going on, this song is in the Afropop/R&B genre because it has a soft sound and a higher percentage of the song is erotic and definitely not for Kids!

Asides from the fact that it is soft and erotic, the beats are cool to vibe to as well.

Let’s talk about Davido’s recent release “Fem”. A song that was considered a diss song as it seemed like he was actually coming at Burna Boy.

He released this song after he had been off all his social media platforms for months. The album cover is a good indication that the “Fem” means “shut up”.

This song did come with mad vibes and can be considered Afropop music with traces of dance all beats.

Although the song brought with it a lot of questions and concerns, the song is still a bang!

I can go on with these two songs but I would love to hear from you guys. Let’s hear your votes.

So Guys:-

Between Davido’s “FEM” or Wizkid’s “NO STRESS”

Which song will you vote as your Favourite

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