MUSIC REVIEW! Davido’s “FEM” Is A Hit Song But Will It Last For Long?


Davido’s “FEM” Is A Hit Song But Will It Last For Long?

Davido’s “FEM” Is A Hit Song But Will It Last For Long?

Basking on his absence from the music scene and the shock value that propelled this song , Davido’s Fem has vaulted to the top of the charts but will it last for long?

For some , Davido’s FEM exemplified the exact sound signature they’ve been accustomed to from Davido.

Club-banging sounds , head-spinning records , these are what we’ve been served overtime from the DMW music head.

And when he went on a break to put finishing touches to his upcoming album , “A Better Time” , the soundscape was filled with melodic , Afropop releases.

Basically , just mid songs that we got tired of.

With his usual braggadocio style , confident and self-assured , he’s come to fill the missing void of those head-nodding sound. And he came with a bang. With FEM!

Listen below:-



FEM doesn’t stand out as an exceptional release , yet it’s the message entrenched in the song that sets it apart.

It’s the usual way Davido likes it. The blaring trumpets and kick drums ushering him in , and Davido doesn’t waste time to address an uncertain figure: “E be like you don dey talk too much/Small talk you don dey talk who talk”


The “baddest” ad-libs heard beneath makes it memorable as he continues on his threats towards this uncertain man. The intensity gets stronger when he issues a warning “Just call me , you go know 30BG/You go know 30BG when you see 30BG

While the lover boy Davido persona isn’t present here , it’s clearly a diss track to an artist as it seems Davido is fed up with staying silent over an unknown matter.


FEM will do well. It’s already gathering huge numbers and it’s climbed it’s way up to Number one on Apple Music already , but then , there are doubts over its longevity.

Will it stay long on our minds?

It’s a diss track remember and diss tracks only serve a particular period. Once the shock value and euphoria with which FEM has right now fades especially with the music space being saturated , will it still be Number one?

Let’s be honest ,

Will Davido’s “FEM” Last For Long?

We’ll like to hear your views on this matter.

Drop your comments.

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